is a modern Wi-Fi DCC controller that has a camera, so you can record a video or take photos when in control of your model trains. How cool is that?
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Control your locomotives in a model railroad layout with the most elegant DCC controller for iOS! And with the Locontrol camera, make videos and take photos while commanding your trains! Locontrol is compatible with any DCC system with a Wi-Fi module, as MRC (with a Prodigy Wi-Fi Module) or Digitrax (with a LNWI module).

Well, we are developers and designers. And we were so embarrassed to show those old fashioned DCC controllers when demonstrating our trains that we decided to make our own ideal controller and share it with everyone! None of us on the Locontrol team expect to make big money out of this app, but if you think that we deserve a compensation for the hard work, we will appreciate it very much if you consider to make a subscription. If not, you still can use Locontrol for free!

- Make videos and take pictures while controlling your locos;
- Locomotive list with photos;
- Elegant interface with an easy access to all main functions;
- Compatible with any DCC system with a Wi-Fi module;
- Use with JMRI: just open the Wi-Fi server available on DecoderPro;

We are experts in user experience and user interface for smartphone applications and we are glad to use some of our knowledge to bring a well designed DCC controller to life. For example, no more need to remember button combinations to access the 29 DCC functions: on Locontrol this depends of a finger slide!
We totally understand that your beloved locomotives and rolling stock deserve to be registered in a beautiful pic or video while parades in a wonderful layout and sometimes the perfect scene is just there, asking to be captured! So we did include a camera right on the locomotive controller, so you can record a video or take photos of your trains when the opportunity appears!
Ok, some of you will wrinkle your nose on this, but sorry, as the poet said, beauty is essencial! And now we believe that Locontrol bring some to this "spartan" DCC world. We spent a lot of money on some of the most sophisticated and beautiful models on earth, no need to use an ugly controller anymore!
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Works Nice On Tablets As Well
Our user interface was especially designed for iPhone, but it works nice on iPad as well, making it ideal for demonstrations of your DCC locomotives on shows and "hands on" events.
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UX Designer
Alex is an experienced visual artist, UX designer and a passionate model railroader.
iOS Developer
He is an experienced IT Engineer who recently fell in love for DCC.
UI Designer
This architect and UI Designer is the key of the usability of our user interface.
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